RAeconomics (at Online.reffonomics.com) FAQs.
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When a teacher purchases the Teacher + Up to 60 students Site License for $59.95, what happens?

When purchasing a 1 Teacher plus Up to 60 Students Site License with a credit card, the teacher is automatically signed up. Within three business days (not including weekend days), the teacher will receive an email with a coupon code that they can give to their students to sign up at a price of $0 to them. The email sent to the teacher email address will arrive from: raeconomics2022@gmail with the SUBJECT LINE: Online.reffonomics.com Student Coupon Code. Inside this email the teacher will be given the coupon code with detailed instructions on how the students sign up.

What can a teacher do after purchasing a Teacher + Up to 60 students Site License for $59.95?

You and up to 60 of your students are able to use all of the material inside the course you registered for. You can use this material inside the classroom or outside the classroom for homework assignments. Legally you cannot share any coupon codes outside your own class. This course curriculum is copyrighted material. It is a copyright violatioin to share your coupon code with non-paying teachers and/or students.

Are school or district purchase orders accepted for the 1 Teacher + Up to 60 students site license?

Yes, we do accept school or district purchase orders. However, because the time spent dealing with these outside agencies and getting paid, a $20 processing and handling fee will be added to the $59.95 for a total of $79.95.

If I order the 1 Teacher + Up to 60 Students Site License, how do I add students at the additional $2 per student price?

This is easy for you to do. Just figure out how many additional students you want enrolled. Since you are paying $59.95 for you and up to 60 students, just add $2 for each additional student you would like to have enrolled. Within three days of enrolling, you will be issued a coupon code for all of your students to enroll in the course

What forms of payment are accepted?

Once you enroll in a class, you will be given the options of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. You can also have your school send us a purchase order (electronically or through the mail). Once we receive the school's purchase order, we will inform you that you have been manually enrolled and give you directions on how to view your purchase and will then send you a code for your students to use to enroll. Sorry, no checks are accepted

How do I go about sending a school purchase order?