eTextbook with 45 Chapters

eWorkbook with 73 Interactive Activities

102 Class Starter
eVideos (3 minutes or less + 3 self-graded,
multiple choice questions for each video)

eMultiple Choice Questions (Self-Graded)

Unit 1:  90 questions
Unit 2:  90 questions
Unit 3:  50 questions
Unit 4:  40 questions
Unit 5:  60 question
Unit 6:  38 questions

30 Interactive
eGraphing Micro Concepts

9 Economics Baseball Games (Each game has 18 questions which
take an entire class period)

Unit 1:  1 Game
Unit 2:  3 Games
Unit 3:  2 Games
Unit 4:  2 Games
Unit 5:  1 Game
Unit 6:  3 Games

eLecture videos

13 Interactive Financial Literacy eLessons
Principles of Macroeconomics
Payment Information
Macroeconomics Curriculum Includes:
1 Teacher License + Class License of up to 60 students ONLY: $59.95
Fall Semester Course opens on July 7 and closes on January 30, 2023.

The Teacher and Students also will be enrolled in the NEW Review for
the May Exam Course for "FREE" that opens on April 15, 2023.
Teachers and Students will be notified about this course through email
in early April 2023.
This curriculum works on desktops, laptops,
and tablets (screen size 1024 x 768).
You ALSO receive with the
Teacher License + Class License
For more than 60 students, contact us at:
Purchase Order Information
If you cannot get your school district to pay, you might want to get
"FREE" funding for your 1 Teacher License + Up to 60 Students Site
License by clicking on these links to locate and contact service clubs in
your area to fund this curriculum:
Rotary Club Locator
Kiwanis International Locator
Lion's Club Locator
Optimist International Club Locator
NOTE:  The preferred method of payment is with a credit card.
With Purchase Orders there is an added handling and processing fee of $20.
Knights of Columbus Locator
The school can either pay by credit card or purchase order.  If paying
by a purchase order, click on the link that enables you to download
a request for a purchase order from Reffonomics or Steven Reff.
When you go talk to your department chair or school official, have
the copy of the purchase order request form printed to make it
easier for that individual to say yes.
Email Address:  Club Email
Subject:  Request for Donation to Purchase Economics Curriculum for High School Seniors

Hello, my name is ______ and I teach (honors, on-level, AP) economics at ________ high school
and have found economics curriculum that will benefit my students immensely.  I am
interested in purchasing a Teacher's License + Students' License (1 - 40 students) for $79.95.

You can find the information here:

I was wondering if (CLUB NAME) would sponsor my class by purchasing this material for us.  If
so, I will definitely keep reminding my students that (CLUB NAME) donated this material to
them.  Thank you.

Your Name
Your School Information
Here is a Sample Email to send to the Service Club:
1 Teacher + Up to 60 students site (1 - 60 students) License
Pay by Credit Card Information
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