Eric Allmeroth, Economics Educator
I grew up in Long Beach California where I graduated from Cal State University at Long Beach. I moved to South
Lake Tahoe and pursued a music career and later continued with significant graduate work at Sierra Nevada college,
Chico State and other Universities which provided distance learning opportunities and two teaching credentials.

In 1996 I began teaching at South Tahoe High School specializing in AP Microeconomics, and also instructing courses,
“Economics/International Political Problems,” Civics, US History, and even one course in Songwriting and Recording
in our new upgraded music technology department. I was also a chair-person of the Social Science department for
seven years involved in teacher mentoring and evaluation, and five years as a tester/evaluator of ESL student progress.

I began teaching various courses at Lake Tahoe Community in 1999, including Micro (102) and Macro (101)
Economics in the business department, and various speech and communication courses; COMM122 "Mass Media and
Society," Public Speaking 104 (Interpersonal communication), and Public speaking 101.  I also spent three years in the
incarcerated student program at LTCC which involved face-to-face instruction at five California correctional facilities.

More recently I moved into online Economics instruction at LTCC which inspired the creation of over 50 video lessons
to maintain the integrity and energy of my face-to-face instruction lessons which evolved over 25 years. It is these
lessons which will contribute of this Honors Economics course created with Mr. Steve Reff.

Motivated by an inspiring Economics teacher/trainer, teaching University level economics to high school students was
none-the-less a challenging endeavor.  My focus (and I believe my greatest strength) was in an ability to break-down
complex economics concepts into understandable, attainable sections or pieces and present them in clear, organized,
entertaining and even humorous ways. This capability proved to be effective as my high school AP students had a very
high success rate in passing their final AP exam with top honors. The result is, between LTCC and STHS I have
taught several hundred Economics courses in the past 25 years taking deepest pride in the success and high scores of
AP students most of whom went on to graduate from California colleges and some of whom went on to graduate from
Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Cornell Universities.

More significant than this however, is the fact I truly enjoy being an economics instructor and believe Economics is the
most important, stimulating and entertaining of all the academic courses with which I have been involved, and it will
provide a strong foundation for a wide variety of post graduate educational pursuits and opportunities.

I truly hope you enjoy this online Honors Economics course.

Eric Allmeroth